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Who is Artax?

Artax is taken from word Art and Tax which means arts of taxation. In Artax we believe that through creativity, innovations, and arts, we will help our clients reach their goal.

In Sanskrit Artha is “meaning, purpose or essence”. As a concept, Artha can be defined as a means of life including material wealth. We hope we can be the best tax partner who assists our clients not only on the business side but also in everything that any individual or corporation needs.

About Us

Artax was founded on January 20th 2017 by three founding partners having more than 10 years of experience in taxation, and tax strategies for corporations or individuals. The Company has its headquarters in Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia.

High quality, accurate, reliable, competent services are our commitment to helping our clients. Artax will be your best tax partner.

Our Vision: Becoming Your Tax Partner

Our Mission

High Quality

Giving high-quality services that exceed our client’s expectations

Long-term Relationships

Building long-term relationships with our clients

Creativity and Innovation

Pursuing business through creativity and innovation

Our Value


We believe smart works will help our clients as well as helping ourselves


We also believe that TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More

Our Service


Artax provides high-quality consultation services to clients. The service can be performed through various meetings, phone conferences, and emails.

Monthly Tax Return

Artax provides a Monthly Tax Return service consisting of Withholding Tax, Employee Tax, Final Tax, and VAT.

Annual Tax Return

Artax provides an Annual Corporate or Individual Income Tax Return.

Tax Planning

Artax provides tax planning in line with the prevailing tax regulation

VAT Refund

Artax has a specialty in VAT Refund; Strategy, reviewing, tax administration, mitigating the potential tax exposure, and minimizing cost

Tax Review

Artax provides a tax review service to bring useful information for clients

Tax Restructuring

Artax provides tax restructuring under prevailing tax regulation

Tax Dispute

Artax team has years of experience in tax dispute, such as tax audit for overpaid, special tax verification.

Artax team has years of experience in tax objection in Tax Office on Surabaya or Jakarta.

Artax team is equipped with licenses to attend and represent hearing session in Tax Court.

Our Partner

Artax Phylosophy

Artax, is a tax consultant who is growing to  become great by continuing to hold these values LIFE IS A PURPOSE, not only  property, but also not only money, but more  like the essence of Life.

Welcome to Artax
Welcome to Artax Website
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